DMK Enzyme Therapy offers a tailored approach to skincare, with four levels of treatment to address a range of skin concerns. From gentle exfoliation and hydration to intensive skin renovation, and transformative RP Facial. Either book the treatment you want, read more about the different levels or let our trained therapists assess your skin and tailor your treatment to suit your skin type.


Discover our "Advanced Facial Treatments," a curated selection of transformative skincare options designed to rejuvenate your complexion. From Skin Needling to the revitalising Power Peel, these treatments are tailored to your unique needs. Illuminate your skin with LED therapy or choose from our Lunchtime Peels, including the Papaya Peel, Gentle AHA Peel, Pigmentation Peel, and Vitamin A Peel. With no downtime required, you can enjoy a 30-minute session during your lunch break.


Our Relaxing Facial Treatments offer a blissful escape while rejuvenating your skin. Choose from the Skin Fit Facial for refreshed radiance, the Skin Nutrition Facial for deep hydration, or the Ultimate Glow Facial for an indulgent glow. These treatments seamlessly blend relaxation with skin renewal, leaving you feeling revitalised and looking your best. Experience the perfect balance of tranquillity and skincare, letting your inner beauty shine through


Our IPL treatments offer a dual approach to beauty and confidence. IPL Rejuvenation revitalises your skin, diminishing blemishes, sunspots, and redness, leaving your complexion radiant and youthful. Simultaneously, IPL Hair Removal provides a long-lasting solution for unwanted hair, offering smooth, hair-free skin

Meet Lisa and the Team

“My goal each day is to provide each & every one of my clients with the utmost care & respect that they deserve, plus a little more. I love working with my clients skin to reach their goals & seeing the results that we are able to achieve, but also the transformation I see within the client themselves!”