Skin Concerns

Bella Spazio is committed to caring for you with experience and confidence with nourishing skin treatments, helping you to embrace your beauty both in and out. We understand how skin conditions can affect how you feel, your self-confidence and your ability to be on top form. By tailoring each of our treatments to you and your individual skin needs, we ensure we give the best of us so that you can be the best of you.


While acne has been traditionally associated with teenagers, many adults can also be affected. For some this chronic inflammatory condition can be caused by genetics or triggered by environmental factors such as hormonal imbalances, certain medications and even where someone lives. Stress can also play a significant role in the development of acne which affects the hair follicles resulting in cysts and scars, preventing the healing process.


You are never too young to think about ageing and as they say, prevention is always better than cure. As we get older we produce less collagen leading to our skin’s poor elasticity. We might even get crows feet, wrinkles and saggy skin. Did we mention that this can happen as early as age 21!? Plus there is a range of environmental factors that can impact the speed this happens. Think diet, sun damage and stress, for example, and of course, gaining and losing weight and genetics play a part, too. But just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean you can’t slow things down.


Bruising happens when the small blood vessels under the skin’s surface break causing a dark mark. Usually the body reabsorbes this blood and the mark fades and goes away. Some people are more prone to bruising, especially as we get older and our skin becomes looser and has less padding on it. There are also medications that can impact this as well. Bruises quite often go through a rainbow cycle of starting out red or purple, progressing on to blue, back or green, but that is normal as the body works hard to heal the injury.


Cellulite is a relatively common condition that causes uneven skin and dimpling. Some people liken the appearance to orange peel, but while it may look unsightly to some, it is completely harmless. As with many skin conditions, hormones and genetics play a significant factor in whether you have cellulite. Some people may benefit from enzyme therapy or body sculpting.

Hair Related Conditions

Excess hair and re-growth can be a source of discomfort as well as impact self-esteem. Hormone imbalances and external factors can be responsible for these conditions, but being able to get rid of the hair via DMK’s unique pain free hair removal system can be a life changing experience. This type of treatment, along with enzyme therapies and pH Revision Treatment can also help those with ingrown hairs and folliculitis.


Pigmentation is where the skin, or parts of it, changes colour and there are a number of reasons this can happen. Essentially it is an error in the skin’s defence mechanisms, causing the melanin cells to be stimulated. Our old friends: stress, hormones, trauma and sun damage all play a part in this happening including how many layers of skin are affected. Our Skin Therapists can work with you to create an individual holistic treatment plan that takes into consideration your hormone levels as well as how your skin is functioning.

Reactive skin

A reactive skin condition is caused, essentially, by your skin having a reaction to a stimulus. While rosacea and eczema can be hereditary, they can also be triggered by environmental factors such as certain foods, animals and even carpets. Increased levels of stress can also affect your cortisol levels. When they rise, it results in your immune system decreasing causing this reaction. People with reactive skin conditions often report that they have ‘sensitive skin.’ A comprehensive treatment plan looks at calming your condition, bringing your skin back to normal ranges in order for it stop being reactive, boosting your confidence.


If your scar could tell a story, what would it say? It would probably tell you that it is unique to you and no-one else has the same one in size, shape or type. That’s why it is important to have a tailored treatment plan to revise your scar tissue. Even with so many different presentations of scars, it is likely that your revision will begin with skin strengthening as well as nourishing and detoxification.